Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday's Musings

Are there people in your life that you're not able to speak with for reasons beyond your control?

Do you ever wonder if they know that you think about them, even if you can't tell them?

Do you watch the full moon rise over a still lake and wonder if they're gazing at the same moon?

Do you post blogs like this one and hope they know you're talking to them?

The holiday season and a new year on the horizon always get me thinking about people in my life - those current and past - and wanting to share this time of year with people who are important to me.

Sometimes that's not always possible, but it doesn't mean I wish those people any less tidings of joy. And for those situations that fate has taken over, I say: Merry Christmas, wherever you are. I miss you.


  1. Good post, Carla.

    There are people that have been in my life that I can't speak with, but the circumstances would be entirely different from what you're describing. The relationships became toxic, and for my own well being, they had to be severed.

  2. The circumstances are whatever this means to you. It's better to severe toxic relationships anyway; but yes, I can see how one might not miss those.

  3. How sweet. I hope the people you miss caught sight of your post!

  4. Carla, you've give us much to think about.

    There are some people I no longer speak to by choice. I don't miss them, don't think about them unless someone else brings them up. There are a few I haven't seen in a long time but would like to. And then there are those who left this life a long time ago that I miss terribly, especially at this time of year.

    And not all of that last group are human.

    Merry Christmas, Carla.

    1. The ones we no longer speak to by choice are definitely not circumstances beyond our control, and those people aren't worth wasting emotions on anyway. Thanks for the response, I agree with you completely. Merry Christmas to you too!